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MiSun Spectrum
MiSun Spectrum
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MiSun Spectrum

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Size Diameter: 125mm (4.92 in.)
Thickness/height 20mm (0.67 in.)
Mass 275 grams (0.6lbs)
Battery 4000mAh LiPo (Lithium Polymer)
PCB Al white soldermask
Main housing Panlite 1250 Weather Resistant Polycarbonate
Wrist Strap Adjustable Black Nylon
Seals and outer cover Eco-friendly silicone rubber
Magnets Neodymium (NdFeB)
Charging Port USB-C IP68 dual role port
Solar module 1.35W (20% efficiency cell) 245mAh, 5.5V
Ingress Protection Rating IP66
Charging time (mains) 3 hours
Charging time (solar) 10-12 hours
LED Power 2.5 Watts (white only system)
6.5 Watts (white + colour system)
System functionality
Manual control to enjoy the same functions of the MiSun Star or app control for White lights, Colour lights or both!
Manual Mode
Light output 25% 12 hours (75 Lumens @ 0.5m)
Light output 50% 6 hours (150 Lumens @ 0.5m)
Light output 100% 3 hours (300 Lumens @ 0.5m)
Flashing/Blinking 1 sec on/1 sec off
MiSun App Mode
Platform Android Version 4.3 and above
BlueTooth (BLE)Connectivity BlueTooth Version 4.0
Device Control • Batch control and synchronise up to 10 MiSun Spectrum
• Battery indicator
• Color status
• Effects status
• Timer status
• Unique identifier
• Individual or Group control
Connectivity • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
• Pair up to 7 devices with iOS
• Pair up to 10 devices with Android
• Control individual lights
• Bluetooth MAC address
Number of colours • 16.7 million colour combinations
• Manual selection RGB code entry
• Dimming functions for colour or white
•From full intense 100% brightness down to 1% barely visible
• 2 system white/colour selection
• Speed control for effects
Lighting Effects • 15 lighting effects
• Rainbow/Disco light
• Police effect
• SOS/Morse code
• Blink/Pulse effect
• Candle/Flame effect
+ More...
Timer control Synchronised to your mobile device clock to turn on and off at specific times or option to repeat daily
• Start time
• Stop time
• Repeat daily
• Synchronises timer to phone time