Luminosity with generosity: The MiSun Mission

MiSun is preparing to join the Lighting Global Project to support sustainable growth of the international off-grid solar market as a means of rapidly increasing energy access to the 1 billion people without grid electricity. When you choose to buy a MiSun here you help us get one step closer to entering the Lighting Global Project, you’re choosing to make a difference. Buy any MiSun light and we’ll gift a MiSun Star to a family somewhere in the developing world.

For more information please visit the Lighting Global Project.


With the help of several environmental NGOs we’re distributing our solar-powered charger lights to people in parts of the world where electricity isn’t readily available and power poverty is a reality.

And there’s no reason we have to limit our mission to online sales. We’re inviting retail chains to stock MiSun products and follow our lead in donating MiSun Star units on behalf of their customers. We’ll keep you posted on who joins us via our social media pages and here on our wall of fame.