The Range

Totally weatherproof and watertight to 1m, MiSun charger lights are made of super-tough shatterproof polycarbonate, 250 times stronger and 10 times lighter than glass, and with uber scratch-resistant high-quality solar panels so they’ll never let you down.

A bright idea, MiSun’s brilliant white LEDs can emit low, medium or high-intensity light for up to 12 hours, and there’s a flash mode for emergencies (or beach parties).

MiSun’s slim profile makes it compact and portable, easily tucked into a hoodie pocket, handbag or backpack, glove compartment or tackle box.

Dangle your MiSun from hooks, zippers or branches using the extra-strong, fray-proof lanyard.

And MiSun’s most attractive feature? Its built-in magnets, which mean it will stick around right when you need it – the side of your car or boat (great when you’re camping or swapping a wheel), or even your fridge during power cuts.