Friendly technologies for people and planet

The MiSun range of products has been conceived, designed, manufactured and distributed by Wattlo, an Australian environmental technology business with purpose.

Wattlo collaborates with manufacturers to produce accessible, ethical, durable, high-quality products that marry affordability with cutting-edge design and environmental responsibility.

The Wattlo family comprises engineers, experts in solar photovoltaic technology, environmental engineering, IT and data management, product design and project management, supported by eco-warriors and marketing professionals driven to deliver game-changing brands to consumers across the globe.

The MiSun concept evolved from Wattlo's commercial product SunPort. Sunport was the outcome of a commission to develop a solar lighting solution for portable toilets at outdoor events.

Wattlo then began consultation in Mozambique to research ways to turn the Sunport lighting solution into a product more suited to the needs of the energy-poor developing world. They needed a product that was smaller and cheaper, and so MiSun was born.

The MiSun bright idea provides a smart solution for anyone who needs light and electricity off-grid, making light of a first world problem while delivering free solar-powered charger lights to families in developing countries in the hope that one day every human on the planet will be able to choose light over darkness.

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